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I found a dog, how do I help it?
In Atlanta and the surrounding areas, well Georgia in general, it can be a common occurrence to come across a stray or homeless dog in need. Often times these dogs can be Pit Bull type dogs or Pit Bull type mixes. The Atlanta metropolitan area, Georgia and the South in general has an enormous pet overpopulation problem and despite the countless efforts of the dozens of rescue organizations around the city and State, it’s a problem that likely won’t be fixed anytime soon, especially with the lack of spay and neuter laws and irresponcible pet owners its so very sad millions of pets die in shelters each year in the USA due to this problem, created by humans.
As a small foster based rescue we typically aren’t able to take in a dog directly off the street that is homeless or a stray. Most all of the dogs in our program live in homes with families, other dogs, cats, and children. For this reason, we have to do a thorough and complete evaluation of every dog that’s taken into our rescue. We must be able to determine the dog’s temperament, health issues, and situation prior to committing the dog into our program to ensure the dog is a good candidate for our program and a good fit for the available foster home.
You can still help make a difference that dog’s life though!
Here are a few things you should always do whenever you find a stray dog you’re trying to help
  • Check for ID tags and underneath the collar as sometimes the number is written underneath by the owner.
  • Check for Rabies tags. Often times the rabies will have a number and the clinic that gave the rabies vaccination. You can call that clinic, give them the rabies tag number, and they can contact the dog’s owner.
  • Check for microchip. Any veterinary clinic will be able to scan for this chip for free.
  • If possible, hold onto the dog for a few days. The owners may not realize the dog is out
  • If obvious signs of abuse and neglect are present please reach out to us at the contact below
  • Social Media: There are lots of lost dog sites and upon contact we can give you the lists of repitible resources and procedures that are law. If a so called owner steps forth make sure they can describe the dog and can provide proof of ownership via vetting receipts and by law they have to have a rabies shot each year, Do not just give the dog to anyone with a story, especially if abuse or neglect is suspected. Responsible dog owners will have their dogs spayed or neutered and hopefully micro-chipped. Giving a dog away to just anyone can lead to a horrific end for the dog who has no voice.
  • If no owner is found and the dog cannot stay please reach out to us as we have several resources, Keep in mind several shelters in the Atlanta and State that will adopt out Pit Bull type dogs to the public., but many will not and they will have no hope. As the last resort we would recommend taking the dog to one of the better shelters where they will at least have the opportunity to be made adoptable to the public or be noticed by rescue, you can contact your local shelter and ask if they adopt out bully breeds and what there screening process is for potential adopters also keep in mind the stay hold for most shelters is 72 hours before they can be put up for adoption or euthanized for space, if they are scared and growl out of fear the shelter will likely euthanize them, remember shelters can be a scary place for a dog and they can sence death.
  • If you need any further information please contact us for proper procedure and resources.
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