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Courtneys Canine Care in Hampton, Georgia is an affordable temperary boarding facility for rescue groups & individual rescuers.


 We know that committed foster homes are very hard to come by, and sometimes fall through at the last miniute ,unfortunately there are not enough foster homes available. 


That is why we not only became a 501C rescue, we want to support other rescues with an affordable temperary boarding facility that understands what these dogs truely need coming out of a shelter enviroment.

We are here to provide that much needed loving care to all of your rescued angels when your foster homes may be full. 


 We offer a caring, loving, safe environment for your rescue babies! We do this because we support rescue groups for the greater good of the dogs and offer an  alternative to a temporary home, rather than an animal "not" being able to be rescued due to a lack of foster homes. So keep calm and rescue on! you have our support and experience!

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