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I can no longer keep my dog, can your rescue take it?

This is a question we are asked dozens of times a day for a variety of different reasons. At Courtney's Canine Care we believe that the best place for a dog is the home they are already in. That doesn’t mean that keeping your dog will be easy, but in most cases there are options and we want to help for the sake of your dog who has no voice.

When you got the dog you committed to that dog for its lifetime. You most likely didn’t go into it thinking I’ll keep him/her as long as their perfect and easy right? So giving up on them now simply because there is an undesirable behavior or situation isn’t necessarily the most responsible step, although it usually seems to be the easiest.

If you contact us about taking your dog into our rescue the very first question we are going to ask is “WHY”. These are the most common answers and how we’ll most likely respond:

  • “I am moving”

    • How long have you known you were moving?

    • Are you moving to a city/country that doesn’t allow your Pit Bull type dogs?

    • Are there any renters in that area that also have Pit Bull type dogs?

    • Have you contacted any Pit Bull rescues in that area to ask for any Housing resources?

  • “My dog’s aren’t getting along”

    • “Have you consulted a trainer or behaviorist to evaluate the behavior/situation?

    • If the answer to that is NO it’s the equivalent to giving your car away because you have a dead battery. Contact a professional and fix the problem. If it can’t be fixed, the professional will certainly tell you as much.

  • “We’re having a baby so the Dog has to go”

    • Congratulations!! What does that have to do with the dog being evicted?

    • There are proper ways to introduce dogs to new babies and plenty of resources online to help as well. You can also contact a trainer/behaviorist to come out before the baby arrives to give some pointers and help you plan, and a Google search is a wealth of information on the subject of acclimating your dog with a new baby. Our founder and Rescue volunteers have children and had babies on the way with multiple dogs, so we’re confident you can make arrangements to keep baby and dogs safe and happy through the transition.

  • “I don’t have time to give him the attention he deserves”

    • We take in dogs that without us would be dead in less than 72 hours and that is on a typical animal control/shelter stray hold, if a dog is an owner surrender they are the first to die as there is no stray hold, The shelter does not an cannot keep every dog that comes in, due to the lack of spay and neuter and irresponcible back yard breeders millions of animals die in so called shelters every year, there is not a shelter that is "No Kill" that just means they are at a 35% kill rate in Georgia, also many so called shelters have breed bans meaning they will not adopt out Pit-bull type dogs and they are the first to die, unless a rescue takes interest and pulls them under a rescue license. Your dog does deserve a good life, but it’s the life that YOU promised him/her. We all understand that life gets busy and sometimes a dog may not get that ideal 2 mile walk every day like clockwork or that extra play time or trips to the dog park but they are much more comfortable and happy in your home than on the cold concrete floor of a shelter with little to no hope especially if a bully breed..

Owner Surrender

Owning a dog is a lifelong commitment and promise that we feel should be honored, as they are family.It may not always be easy and of course there are some circumstances when it is warranted to rehome a dog but giving your dog away to a rescue should certainly not be the first, second, or third option.

Giving your dog away to just anybody with out screening the potential new family, checking vet references, doing a home check and making absolutely sure they are not transient is crucial. People will say anything and if your dog is not spayed or neutered and fall into the wrong hands or get passed around you will be contributing to the potential evil we see on a daily basis, we are willing to help if its absolutely necessary you rehome your dog. To assess if your dog is a candidate to come into our rescue you will be directed to an application link below, if your dog is not a candidate to take into our rescue, we have several rescue resources and can hopefully assist you in making sure your dog is placed in a safe forever home.

     Owner Surrender Application

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